LaunchPad Presenters

One of the highlights of OCTANe‘s annual Medical Device & Investor Forum is the presentation by a select group of innovative medtech companies who have recently been through the LaunchPad SBDC panel evaluation process. This year, nine companies will be selected to present to the conference audience in two sessions on October 28, 2016.

The companies will be presenting their business models in a fast paced and engaging format and will be evaluated by six judges representing various types of investors, from VCs to investment bankers to corporate venture groups.  After the nine presentations, the judges will pick a winner based on factors such as commercial viability, technical viability, financial viability, team and quality of presentation.

This year, the winning company will receive an outstanding package of professional services valued at $135,000 from the following OCTANe partners:

  • DevicePharm – branding and marketing communications services

  • Knobbe Martens – intellectual property assessment

  • Fuel Source Partners – operational and scalability assessment

  • BioQuest – discount on fee for retained executive search services

  • ROTH Capital – opportunity to present at the ROTH Conference in March, 2017

  • RSM US LLP – information technology assessment and strategy roadmap

  • K&L Gates – general legal advisory services

The winner will be announced at the closing luncheon of MDIF on October 28.  


Andrew TechnologiesPrint

Andrew Technologies produces precision surgery devices for breast cancer reconstruction.

Andrew Technologies LLC is an innovative medical technology company formed in 2007 to expand the use of its proprietary Tissue Liquefaction Technology™. TLT is a new energy source for surgery and is protected by 3 issued and effective U.S. patents and has received 6 FDA clearances on two commercialized medical devices. The initial application of TLT, licensed to Alcon, was launched as AquaLase® for cataract surgery in 2003. In 2013, the company launched HydraSolve®, FDA-cleared for both aesthetic body contouring and autologous fat transfer. Since early-2016, HydraSolve has been focused on fat transfer for breast cancer reconstruction.


Tom Albright

Chairman & CEO, Andrew Technologies


Seeking $20M

harbor-medtech-logoHarbor MedTech

Harbor MedTech, Inc., is a commercial-stage regenerative medicine company

Harbor MedTech, Inc., is a commercial-stage regenerative medicine company with a proprietary technology platform for best-in-class biologic medical devices offering superior performance at a much lower cost than existing products. Our patented BriDGE® technology is the only known tissue regeneration technology that actively recruits and stimulates the patient’s own growth factors and immune system to accelerate healing and inhibit scar formation while preventing infections.  Our BriDGE technology provided many opportunities for healing a broad array of serious soft tissue injuries and defects, including hernias, torn tendons, ligaments, nerves, and many other surgical repairs impacting the dermatology, general, orthopedic, and plastic surgery fields.

jerry-mezger-headshotJerry Mezger

President & CEO


Seeking $10M



ImmunogenX is a clinical-stage therapeutic and diagnostic company focused on celiac disease (CD).

ImmunogenX is a clinical-stage therapeutic and diagnostic company focused on celiac disease (CD). These represent unmet needs for a critical disease that is incurable, afflicts about 1% of the world’s population, and incurs huge health costs. Our therapeutic solution latiglutenase is based on a proven mixture of digestive enzymes that degrades gluten proteins in the body. It has gone through several successful clinical trials and is posed to be first to market with revenue potential >$1B/year. Our diagnostic CypCel is the only minimally-invasive method to monitor the state of health of the intestine in treated CD patients with the potential to address other gastrointestinal ailments.

jack-syageJack A. Syage, PhD



Seeking $7.5M


ivat-logoI-V Access Technology

I-V Access Technology is revolutionizing peripheral intravenous access.

I-V Access Technology, with Venaglide TM its line of short peripheral intravenous catheters, will disrupt the current status quo for peripheral intravenous access.  The Venaglide TM addresses the issues routinely encountered by practitioners and patients associated with I.V. access.   I-V Access Technology is a venture capital backed medical device development company, which is out to revolutionize intravenous access devices.

jim-hale-headshotJim Hale



Seeking $1.2M




Patient empowerment through visual data.

Nicolette empowers patients fighting acute health battles with visual data technology paired with curated research and engagement tools. Our first product is called NicoBoard, a specialized tablet for parents with babies in the NICU. NicoBoard enables parents of all education levels and languages to quickly understand complex medical data so they can competently and confidently participate in their baby’s healthcare decisions.

phil-martiePhil Martie

Founder & CEO


Seeking $ 1.1M



mobilityOxygen Mobility Solutions

Supplemental oxygen delivery devices that enables proper oxygenation during activity

Right DoseTM , significantly improves supplemental oxygen delivery to patients based on their actual physiologic need, enabling greater physical activity and mobility leading to improved patient outcomes. A large clinical market exists, with over 30 Million patients on oxygen in the US, and new oxygen equipment sales of over 650,000 units per year. Independent testing of all currently available oxygen conservers for clinical use has revealed highly variable performance leading to poor patient oxygenation during exertion, thereby limiting a patient’s ability to exercise. We have de-risked both clinical and regulatory issues and are seeking $1.2M to complete a commercial product.

steve-abbottSteve Abbott,

CEO of Oxygen Mobility Solutions

Seeking $1.2M



Portable biosensor technology bringing blood testing into the mobile world

PhageTech’s breakthrough bioconductive technology creates a new category of biosensors for blood and urine testing that is portable, instant and mobile, eliminating central labs with their complexity and cost.  A single sensor can deliver dozens of test results at once for infectious diseases, cancers and other biomarkers. Cloud-based hosting eliminates the outside lab and provides fast, inexpensive results for patients and caregivers.  Based on a totally new approach to diagnostic testing, it’s unique patent position allows it to enter virtually any market and application.  PhageTech will build a business developing and delivering these biosensors to healthcare companies world-wide.

richard-hensonRichard Henson



Seeking $2.2M

rymoRymo Medical

Soyo Therapy – Giving Hope to People Who Can’t Swallow

Rymo will be on the leading edge of the evolving healthcare market that is patient centered and allows for improved quality of life with safe and effective home therapy options. This will reduce the burden on the healthcare system which currently is labor intensive and leaves the patient with too little therapy for optimal recovery from dysphagia after a stroke. Soyo Therapy will increase the amount of therapy a patient receives, maximize the use of limited resources, improve quality of life, and to reduce overall healthcare expenditures.

ryan-williamsRyan William

President & CEO


Seeking: $3.5M




Wellth rewards chronic disease patients for better adherence

Wellth is a digital health company that specializes in helping insurers and risk bearing providers better measure, track, and reduce risk in their populations through mobile technology and behavioral economics.

matt-loperMatthew Loper

CEO of Wellth


Seeking: $10M

Private meetings
The investment presentation format will not allow time for Q&A. However, CEOs from the presenting companies are available for private meetings with investors before and during the Forum. Please contact to schedule.